Fabio Cozman's Selected Publications (as of January 2020 )

You can find a complete list elsewhere; here is a list of selected publications divided by topics. In many cases a journal paper collects results from previous conference papers that are indicated). There are also conference papers, and a few technical reports, with material that has not appeared elsewhere.

If you plan to cite some of this work, please take a look at the errata!

Basically, my work is related to research on artificial intelligence, and it can be divided in a few strands:

  1. Recently I have been interested in the interpretability of artificial intelligence devices, and also on their social impact.
  2. I have worked with probabilistic models for quite some time, often coupled with graphs and with logical constructs, to support automated decision making and machine learning techniques.
  3. I have worked with alternatives to (Kolmogorovian) probabiity theory. I have investigated a number of topics.
  4. Finally, I have from time to time worked with various techniques and applications in robotics and computer vision.

Interpretability and ExplainableAI


Learning probabilistic+logical languages

Inference, complexity and expressivity of probabilistic+logical languages

Bayesian networks and similar probabilistic graphical models

Semi-supervised learning

Other machine learning methods and applications

Full conditional, and coherent, probabilities

Sets of probability distributions

Credal networks and close variants

Probabilistic satisfiability

Decision making with imprecise probabilities and imprecise MDPs

(Various topics in) robotics and computer vision